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Ultimate Commander Zone Mat | 17"x11" EDH Life + Resource Tracker

Ultimate Commander Zone Mat | 17"x11" EDH Life + Resource Tracker

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🎲 The centerpiece your commander table has been searching for! This Ultimate Commander Zone Mat was hand-designed (by me—a fellow EDH fanatic) with one goal: make commander games less complicated.

✅ Track life totals manually or place a phone in the 7" center space. The mat tracks Commander Damage, Commander Tax, Floating Mana, Poison, Energy, Storm Count, Devotion, Artifact Count, Graveyard Count, Clues, Treasure, Monarch, Day/Night, and a Misc space.

🏆 Fits perfectly in the center of your commander table at 17" (43 CM) wide x 11" (28 CM) tall with stitched edges so it won't fray. Color-coded (and numbered for color-blind) for 4-player multiplayer MTG games. The commander mat provides a smooth neoprene fabric surface with non-skid natural rubber backing so it always stays in place. Playmats are ⅛" (0.3 CM) thick and are easily spot-cleaned using a damp washcloth.

🎁 Perfect Gift for EDH Players: Looking for a gift that will leave a lasting impression? Delight a friend, family member, or yourself with this unique commander accessory. It's a thoughtful present for any MTG enthusiast looking to take their commander nights to the next level!

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out anytime!

Happy gaming, fellow Planeswalkers :)

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