About Me

Hey! I’m Joe—a graphic designer and avid Magic player from Minnesota. I created Epic Upgrades as a passion project in early 2017 where my witty designs received an overwhelming amount of positive support from the Magic community. That positive response pushed me to keep making more and more designs encompassing almost every type of Magic player.

The advent of Epic Upgrades has opened doors I never expected to venture through. I've had the pleasure of working with MTGGoldfish on several projects, designed a logo for a Magic Pro Tour team, and raised money for natural disaster victims through my Rift for a Cause campaign—just to name a few!

It's been an epic journey thus far, and I'm thrilled to keep on designing for Magic players! If you want to drop me a message and discuss anything or if you're looking for a commission in my design style for your favorite deck, I'd love to talk—just shoot me an email at epicupgradesdesign@gmail.com

Thanks so much for checking out my work. If you appreciate it, please help spread the word =)


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