How To Make Your Own Magic The Gathering Token And Dice Box

If you haven’t quite figured out how to organize your magic the gathering tokens, dice, or other accessories yet and don’t feel like spending much on a dice bag or more deck boxes, I’ve got you covered! This budget solution is super straightforward—no need to be craft savvy.

What you’ll need

epic upgrades blog post - token and dice box supplies

1. Scissors - Or anything that can cut a straight line through plastic or cardboard
2. Pencil - Or any writing utensil that works on plastic
3. Tape - I use transparent tape, but any type of tape that can adhere to plastic will do the job
4. Toploader - If you’ve ever bought a card online, chances are you have a toploader. If not, you can use anything—an actual magic card, or any type of cardboard/thin plastic will suffice
5. Sliding Pencil Case - Chances are you have one of these lying around somewhere, if not, you can grab one from Staples or any office supply store for a few dollars or on Amazon here for a bit more than retail price

Step 1 - Create a divider

epic upgrades blog post - cutting toploader

Begin by cutting your toploader (or material of choice) down to the width and height of your pencil case.

epic upgrades blog post - cutting toploader more

Since each pencil case varies in size, you’ll have to do the measurements or eyeball it properly before you begin cutting.

Step 2 - Mark where you’ll place divider

epic upgrades blog post - card for marking reference

Next, we’ll need to mark where to place the divider. Use a magic card for reference by placing it in the case and marking a bit above the card with your writing utensil.

epic upgrades blog post - marked point for divider

Now you'll know exactly where to adhere the divider

Step 3 - Tape the divider into place

epic upgrades blog post - divider with tape

Begin by applying a piece of tape parallel with the divider

epic upgrades blog post - aligning divider

Align divider with markings, then adhere it in place. Apply tape to the reverse side of the divider so both sides are taped in place.

epic upgrades blog post - four small pieces of tape

Finally, we’ll need to tape each corner in place. Start by preparing 4 squares of tape.

epic upgrades blog post - taping corners

Apply tape to all 4 corners of the divider.

And you're finished!

epic upgrades blog post - finished dice and tokens box

Now you can store your mtg tokens and dice all in one super compact case. Hope this tutorial helped! Oh and don't forget to check out my MTG t-shirts/playmats if you haven't already =)

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